HAISON SBR. CO. LTD - Exploitation of seaports

Seaport Services

- Onshore reinforced concrete wharf, 375m of length; 6m of depth.

- Reinforced concrete bridge (two sides): L x W = 140 x 10.5 m; 6m of depth.

- Two types of bridges / wharfs are capable of welcoming sorts of 5000-ton vessels.

* Channel:
- Length: 1.85 Km. Channel depth - 6.5 m. Tidal regulation: half-day tide

- Average difference: 01m. Highest water edge for in/outcoming ship: 6.5m

Every year, the factory welcomes more than 200 ship turns for landfalling  and making goods; there are more than 100,000 tons with a variety of types of goods (steel, cement, rice, melon seeds, coal, clinker ...) passing this seaport.

Loading and unloading superlength and superweight goods:

The company focuses on devices equipped with large capacity for the loading and unloading process supperweight good to 90 tones as:
- Floating cranes (USA): 90 ton lifting capacity (currently one of the large facilities in the Central ports).

- 02 wheel crane: 50 tons, 25 tons.

- 02 pushback truck and high-lifting truck (USA): 10 tons and 5 tons.