HAISON SBR. CO. LTD - Warehousing

Seaport Services

With a total area is 22 hectares with 42.000m2 of yards, including 3,000 m2 of warehouse, 39,000 m2 of storage(Containers:20,000 m2, Tanks: 200m3), the internal transport system is being promoted efficiently. Moreover, the company's location is on major roads of the Central, 4 kilometers far away from the deep water port of Tien Sa to the north and on the Han River seaport, company is thus so ideal to attract concentration of business for premise leasing.

Up to date, some companies which are renting premises for storing container and cargo:


- GEMADEPT Company


- Logging companies, metal mining companies.

Currently, the company is planning to conduct ground and continue to expand and invest in renovating the ground yards to increase the attractiveness of the customers.