HAISON SBR. CO. LTD - Production of metal products


The package of designing, machining and assembling of steel structure, concrete for projects in the region in which the company are interested in and invested. Specifically, the company has pushed investment in the procurement of high-tech equipments such as:

- Technological equipments for ship hulls, consisting of cutting, folding, bending steel structure; plasma cutting machines, new-generation TIG and MIG welding machines, welding alloys and nonferrous metals; the cutting and tube bending machines; the type of wood working machinery for repairing and decorating ship interior.

- Technological equipments for repairing diesel engine: there is enough equipments to overhaul the high-speed diesel engine (2100 r / min), the medium and slow-speed engines to 5000CV such as - special-purpose stand, cleaning system (compressed air, superheated steam, station of cleaning chemical details, station of testing capacity after repairing, ...)

- Mechanical devices: there are lathes, milling-machines, planing-machines, grinding-machines, co-ordinate boring coordinates with high accuracy level allowing the implementation of all kinds of machine.