HAISON SBR. CO. LTD - Shipbuilding and Repairing


Company has many featured technology including good infrastructure (large area, consolidated the system of wharves and warehouses, convenient location: deep narrow passage, airtight), and huge appliances for repairing service of the ship such as:

- 4500-ton floating dock: can bring vessels and 4500-ton of water stretching floating facilities to the factory for repairing.
- Electronic floor-lifting control system with transitory tracks which allow tracking and fixing many ships have dead weight to 350 tons at the same time.

In addition, the factory owns a team of skillful engineers and technicians working in many fields such as ship hulls, power, and mechanical equipments.

The Industry of ship hulls has responded the requirements of repairing military vessels, economic and ships in and outside the country with the variety in kinds of steel, alloy steel, non-magnetic steel, fiberglass cables with wood cover. Fabrications of structural nonferrous metals and alloys, the testing material thickness, welding quality, thickness of coating paint are done by the modern ultrasonic meters.

- The Industry of repairing diesel engines: use modern technology of overhaul engines installed in naval vessels and transport ships, ships of other works.

- The industry of electrical shipping: satisfy the needs of repairing electrical systems, generators, electric motors installed in the ship.

- The industry of mechanical sector: satisfy the needs of mechanical processing of the screw-propeller shaft to 11m of length, accuracy to 1 / 100 mm, with diameter of parts closed to 1.4m.

The Company may receive to repair in a variety of ship and floating facilities. Especially, in 2006, the company has succeeded in cutting the Thuan Phuoc ships of Shipping Corporation of Da Nang and lengthened more 12m. This topic has won the municipal level in that year.